Meet Tom & Kyle of PB+J

Even before they became friends in college, Tom Collver and Kyle Dutka always had dreams of running their own business. So, after a few years of freelancing, they joined forces to create PB+J, an integrated digital and design agency of (now) 10 people.

Their Story

The Goal

Serve more clients by hiring more people

In the spring of 2015, PB+J realized it could only do so much at its current size. Tom and Kyle wanted to take on new clients and keep growing, which would be impossible without additional talent. They knew the salaries for great hires would be worth it, but at the time they didn’t have the necessary cash flow. They didn’t want to lean on family, and grant programs and banks were taking way too long with too much paperwork.


Tom & Kyle’s OnDeck Experience

  • Fast, efficient process

    “We did the application in 15 minutes at 3:00AM. We got a call the next day from an actual human being, which was awesome. The next morning, we were approved. It was less painful than a carwash and pretty enjoyable overall.”

  • Loan rates and structures that make sense

    “We knew why the fees were structured the way they were. Sure, it’s higher than traditional lending, but OnDeck isn’t traditional. Cash in hand now is worth more than saving a few percentage points. They did a good job of walking us through that.”

  • Great customer service that understands a small business’s needs

    “OnDeck feels more like a financial partner than our main financial institution. It’s having someone there that understands the pains of a small business. There’s some safety net, someone who can support our ideas.”


The Result

More clients, more revenue

With the help of OnDeck, Tom and Kyle hired 2 full-time employees at the right time for their business. They were also able to launch a marketing initiative, which helped them acquire a range of new clients. After 3 OnDeck loans, PB+J has seen a major increase in revenue.

“We’ve doubled revenue in the past few years, and OnDeck was a decent sized part of that. It would have taken us much longer accomplish this much organically without OnDeck, and timing is everything. We don’t want to wait longer than we need to in order to make things happen that we know will work.”


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